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eScrap Canada can assure you that all sensitive data is destroyed and irrecoverable, this is done using Blancco data erasure software, which is a very secure destruction process. Hard drive shredding services, hard drive destruction services, and everything for hard drive disposal services are provided. Data erasure can be completed at your location or at our facility.

We provide a certificate of data destruction for all HDDs or configured equipment before finalizing asset disposition.

Data erasure,Secure data destruction

Data Erasure

eScrap Canada uses Blancco data erasure software for secure data destruction. All personal or confidential data is wiped from your devices and a certificate is provided per drive for compliance to achieve complete information destruction.

  • Data erasure / Secure data destruction is a method of software-based overwriting, that completely and securely destroys all electronic data residing on a hard disk drive. Permanent data erasure goes beyond basic file deletion commands, which only removes direct pointers to the actual files and makes data recovery possible with common software tools. Unlike degaussing or physical destruction – which render the disk unusable – data erasure/data wiping removes all information, while leaving the hard disk drive operable; preserving assets and the environment. It also allows for remarketing and value return, if the customer is looking for residual value, but not at the risk of data breach.
  • Onsite data destruction or hard drive destruction can be done at your facility or data centre if required. Secure transit to our facility is possible for larger volumes of HDDs.

The Data Erasure/Data Destruction Process

Data Erasure/Data Destruction Process
destruction from our NSW or VIC sites.

What if the software fails?

If the device fails during data wiping or shows errors, it will be completely destroyed onsite in our secure shredding facility. We can shred to 9mm pieces and also provide a certificate of destruction to remove your liability.

Service Offerings:

Secure hard drive destruction


Secure hard drive destruction is achieved by:

If the device fails during data wiping or shows errors, it will be completely destroyed onsite in our secure shredding facility. We can shred to 9mm pieces and also provide a certificate of destruction to remove your liability.

In this method, HDDs and SSDs are crushed and shredded by industrial-grade destruction equipment.

Strong magnetic force is used to wipe out all data from the HDD in the Hard drive degaussing method. It does not work for SSDs as SSDs store data electronically, not magnetically.

On-Site Data Destruction Services

Off-Site Data Destruction Services

Our Services


Secure data destruction services


We offer data erasure using Blancco software, and physical HDD destruction by crush & shred. On-premise service available.

Ewaste & responsible disposal


Responsible recycling as per ISO 14001 & ISO 27001 standards. You will receive a certificate of destruction for each batch.

De-installing equipment and cabling


De-installing equipment and cabling from racks requires experience and effective planning. We are here to help across Data Centres, or your office

Logistics and Removal from your office and warehouse


IT equipment can be heavy and bulky, so freeing up space in your office or warehouse can be liberating – we can help.

 audit report of all equipment and refurbished for sale


We provide a comprehensive list of serial numbers and the audit report of all equipment processed and refurbished for resale.

Remarketing value and a market demand


If it has value and a market demand, we’ll sell it at market price and share the revenue with you. We can also make outright offers for purchase if you’d prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Is The Difference Between Hard Drive Destruction And Degaussing?

Hard drive destruction is the process of physically destroying a drive using industrial grade equipment, either crushing or shredding. Hard drive degaussing, is the process of subjecting a hard drive to high powered magnets which destroys the way in which a Hard Drive and all the data present within is accessed. Both these methods are used where needed to provide the relevant solution to users. Degaussing in our expert opinion is becoming a redundant method of destruction, this is due to improvements across other equipments for physical destruction.


Can you still use a hard drive after degaussing?

No, you cannot reuse a hard drive once it has been degaussed because the degaussing process will remove all the stored hard drive data, as well as removing the start up files. This means that once a hard drive has been degaussed it will not boot up.

What is the best way to destroy and dispose of a hard drive?

Hard drives cannot be disposed in general rubbish or recycling containers as they will end up in landfill, and ultimately pollute the environment. Moreover, data security should be a priority when disposing of hard drives whether it’s a personal storage device or from enterprise use. Selecting a destruction method such as crushing or shredding is recommended, and when using professional services of an experienced service provider like eScrap Canada Solutions, you can trust that your personal or business information will be safe, and the destroyed hard drive will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

What are the procedures of secure hard drive destruction?

1. Collection
For individual users or enterprises, we collect the hard drives securely and handle the logistics associated with the process. If steps 2 & 3 are completed onsite, this could involve transport with serial numbered tags that are opened only during video recording, showing drives poured into a shredder.

2. Auditing and Verification
Information such as the serial number of the HDD and other associated values are recorded and documented. These details are important when creating certificates post the destruction process.

3. Destruction
The intended type of destruction/ degaussing is carried out as per the recommended destruction method and also in compliance with ISO standards.

4. Recycling and Repurposing
The final product after the destruction will then be recycled and repurposed in the best possible way.

What is the most secure way to destroy a hard drive?

In order to be 100% sure that your hard drives are destroyed and information is irrecoverable, you should consider a physical destruction method. At eScrap Canada Solutions, we receive secure data destruction requests to protect data information from Banks, Hospitals, Governments, and businesses with valuable IP. We recommend a crush and shred method in these instances, using both methods as well as mixing the shredded pieces in a large transport container will make it near impossible for anyone to extract information, no matter how valuable the content is. In normal circumstances we shred hard drives to 9mm pieces, mixed with other metals but in some extreme cases that involve national security, these should be shredded to 3mm pieces and mixed for immediate metals recycling.

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