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Sustainable IT Asset Disposal Solutions (ITAD) For Businesses And Data Centers

Decommissioning. Logistics. Data erasure. Remarketing & Ewaste Recycling.

Environmentally Responsible IT Solutions

Environmentally Responsible IT Solutions

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, we provide environmentally responsible solutions for businesses disposing of used IT equipment around Canada and the United States that are secure and cost-effective. We are a trusted & reliable IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) company in Canada, we have helped many businesses securely process their IT Assets Disposition.

If you’re moving office or upgrading IT equipment and seeking responsible e-waste or ITAD services, then you’ve come to the right place. Take a moment to read a little ‘About Us’.

After collecting your equipment, we assess & audit, securely wipe HDDs & configs and separate what can be resold from the e-waste. Sales of used equipment can be offset against disposal service costs or even return a credit to your business. So, IT asset disposition needs to be seriously considered by IT managers.

About eScrap Canada Inc

eScrap Canada provides IT asset disposal and e-waste recycling solutions for local and North American businesses. We offer secure and ethical disposal of your outdated computer assets in a compliant, ISO14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and ISO 9001-certified process.

eScrap Canada Inc was established to encourage responsible e-waste processes for businesses, and a quality solution to a growing waste disposal problem. To minimize regulatory risks and increase the resale value of reusable assets, we manage IT and electronic assets in a secure, ethical, and sustainable manner… all whilst increasing awareness of sustainability.

In today’s data-centric environment, our passion project has become important and in some cases, even mandatory. With imperative business values of honesty, we continue to focus on solutions by working on tailored solutions that suit our clients’ needs.

We are conveniently equipped to support secure data destructione-waste recyclingdata center decommissioningIT asset recovery, remarketing, and spare parts supply. Powered entirely with a zero landfill policy for all items that can be recycled, our facilities reflect our commitment to proper e-waste disposal solutions.

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Our Services


Secure data destruction services


We offer data destruction services using proprietary erasure software, and physical HDD destruction by crush & shred to ensure data security. On-premise service is available.

Ewaste & responsible disposal


Responsible recycling as per ISO 14001 standards. You will receive a certificate of destruction for each batch of IT asset disposition.

De-installing equipment and cabling


De-installing equipment and cabling from racks requires experience and effective planning. We are here to help across Data Centres, or your office

Logistics and Removal from your office and warehouse


IT equipment can be heavy and bulky, so freeing up space in your office or warehouse can be liberating – we can help.

 audit report of all equipment and refurbished for sale


We provide a comprehensive list of serial numbers and the audit report of all equipment processed and refurbished for resale.

Remarketing value and a market demand


If it has value and a market demand, we’ll sell it at market price and share the revenue with you. We can also make outright offers for purchase if you’d prefer.

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How We Work


Pre-Assessment discovery call to understand projects


Discovery call to understand your project and requirements

logistics from your premises to our processing facility


We provide logistics from your premises to our processing facility.

HDDs are securely wiped, or physically destroyed

Data Destruction

All HDDs are securely wiped, or physically destroyed. You receive a certificate of destruction

Remarketing valuable equipment is sold at best price


All valuable equipment is sold through our channels

recycling as per ISO 14001 standards

E-waste Recycling

Responsible recycling as per ISO 14001 standards. You will receive a certificate of destruction for each batch.

Equipment list with serial number tracking

Reporting + Certification

Equipment list with serial number tracking. Certificates of Data Destruction and Ewaste Recycling

cost of services and potentially return your business a credit


Recovered value is used to offset the cost of services and potentially return your business a credit

Data Center Decommissioning

Many companies nowadays are downsizing thus increasing the need for IT asset disposition. Whilst others begin to consolidate the infrastructure of their data centers or are migrating to the cloud.

We offer a complete data center decommissioning service, including server decommissioning,

Our team is backed by years of experience in the industry, allowing us to do the job quickly and efficiently. We have also built an extensive network of partners to handle all your decommissioning needs. So, when it comes to your data center decommissioning needs, trust that our services won’t disappoint.

Secure Data Destruction

When physical or digital data becomes obsolete, it has to be destroyed completely and properly. This is especially critical for businesses and organisations. If sensitive data falls under the wrong hands or held improperly, an organisation becomes exposed to risks.

Although outdated IT assets, such as hard drives, CDs, DVDs, flash drives, PCs, laptops, smartphones, and memory sticks, can be reformatted, degaussed, erased, or wiped, if the physical devices are still intact, then the information can still be recovered. To reduce the risks of data leaks during IT Asset Disposal, secure data destruction methods should be implemented.

E Scrap Canada Inc Solution’s cost-effective and compliant secure data destruction services can ensure that all your outdated data and IT assets are disposed of in a way that is compliant with the international security standards.

E-Waste Recycling

When e-waste is dumped carelessly into landfills, it creates a serious problem for the local environment. Recycling of e-waste is carried out when devices reach a point beyond reuse and refurbishment.

We are committed to the cause of helping the planet become more sustainable as e-waste recycling is a growing problem that we are facing as technology use continues to rise. 

E-waste includes printers, copiers, laptops, computers, IoT devices, hard disk drives, flash drives, and SSDs. Businesses and data centers generate a lot of e-waste, particularly when upgrading devices and innovating hardware solutions.

The Canadian Government, like many governments around the world, has strict environmental regulations which is why businesses should seriously consider e-waste recycling services.

E-waste recycling is good for the environment, good for end-users, and also good for the long-term sustainability of tech growth.

e-waste is dumped carelessly into landfillse-waste is dumped carelessly into landfills

IT Assets Recovery, Remarketing, and Spare Parts

When a business gathers excess equipment like old servers, storage, networking devices, or other kinds of IT assets, it can provide value to the company if remarketed and sold.

IT Assets Recovery services help organizations refurbish old devices and sell these to the open market if companies have no “reuse” option for their old devices.

Moreover, companies can have old devices disassembled and parts of those devices used for another purpose. In addition to recovering old devices and finding a resale partner, we also provide spare parts for anyone who wishes to maintain legacy systems. 

Remarketing is also an incredible way to facilitate a circular economy that incentivizes people and businesses to consider e-waste recycling. If you could derive money from old IT assets to upgrade your IT budget, wouldn’t you do it? 

Why People choose eScrap Canada Inc

eScrap Canada Inc has successfully established itself as a sustainable IT asset disposal provider for businesses and data centers. With clients across industries of Banking & Finance, Government, Hospitals & Healthcare, Public & Private Corporations, OEMs & Resellers – people trust and choose E Scrap Canada Inc.

We ensure your data bearing IT equipment will never end in the wrong hands. We provide a well-recognized IT asset disposal solution (ITAD) that offers a secure and affordable alternative for disposing of IT assets. In addition, we provide secure data destruction, logistics, removal, remarketing, e-waste recycling, and data center decommissioning as environmentally responsible solutions for the IT industry.

A small piece of information can lead to unintended circumstances that can negatively impact you and your business permanently. That’s why you need professional and sustainable IT asset disposal solutions (ITAD) for your businesses. By destroying and disposing of your outdated yet sensitive data, you will never let your private data and information end up in the wrong hands. Contact eScrap Canada Inc for any ITAD services.

Responsiveness most satisfactory service possible


We respond to all your inquiries and give you the most satisfactory service possible. You can schedule a call or get a quick quote so we can support you as quickly as possible.

Attention to detail and expert project management

Attention to detail

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by our careful attention to detail, thoughtful scheduling of deadlines, and expert project management.

Experience sustainable IT asset disposal solutions


Our seven years of sustainable IT asset disposal solutions and expertise for enterprises and data centers are available when you choose to work with us.

Why to choose us, we believe in what we do

We believe in what we do

We believe we are leaving a footprint on the world so that people can witness the impact that little changes can have.

Why to choose us|E Scrap Canada inc


What are the Benefits of Using IT Asset Disposal Services?

Using IT Asset Disposal Services benefit the company, its customers as well as the environment. During IT Asset Disposal, old devices are refurbished for the company to reuse or they can be sold to the market for fair value. The credit from such remarketing schemes is economically beneficial for the company. Secure IT Assets disposal also entails secure data destruction which prevents customers’ data from from falling into the wrong hands. Finally, the recycling of old devices and its parts benefits the environment as the amount of e-waste into landfill is reduced overall.

What is a Responsible Disposal Policy?

Every organization must have a policy that clearly dictates how it will dispose of its old and redundant IT assets, how it will use ITAD services to ensure environmental – ESG compliance in the case of audits.

What is the Main Goal of Secure Data Destruction?

Securely protect your business data, Intellectual Property and customer information from ending up in the wrong hands. A certificate of destruction detailing serial numbers of each HDD or Asset is important for Audit and Compliance purposes.

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You can contact us at (416)-737-6866 or email at [email protected] to get a free quote for more information or any services you require.

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