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Technology develops quickly, according to Moore’s Law – processing power doubles every 12-18 months leaving most PCs and laptops needing to be replaced every few years. Whilst upgrading IT equipment has its benefits, having old computers around homes and businesses is not only a wasted opportunity for repurposing but also can carry risk to an individual and companies’ privacy.

There are actions you can take to minimize the impact of the growing e-waste problem and to effectively manage old laptops or PCs. E Scrap Canada has a computer and laptop recycling services that can lessen your environmental impact whilst safeguarding your data.

Wiping Data From Your Old Computer

Old hard drives can still be used to access data, whether or not the device is functional. Your personal information could be used maliciously if found or tossed away in the trash on an outdated computer, smartphone, or tablet.

To ensure that no one can access your data without your permission, we recommend having retired hard drives professionally erased. Once the data is completely erased, the hard drive will be wiped with data inaccessible. We advise all laptops, desktop computers, Macs, and mobile devices to be wiped using an effective erasure (or physical destruction) method.

Wiping Data From Your Old Computer

Why Recycle Computers and Laptops?

When a computer or laptop reaches the end of its active life, don’t just toss it away… ensuring that your data is destroyed, and the asset is recycled is a superior option. The easiest way to guarantee that data stored on your computer’s hard drive cannot be accessed by others is to prevent it from ending up in a landfill.

Consider the environmental benefits as well. When recycling your old computers after the data has been deleted, you can reduce the demand for the raw materials used to make new electronic products. Many parts in computers and laptops are made from precious metals like gold, silver, aluminum, and copper, and can be recycled into new goods, even if they can’t be utilized to produce other electronics.

What Happens when Computers and Laptops are Recycled?

It is possible to refurbish near-working computers and accessories by changing some parts or components and installing new software. These refurbished PCs can be distributed to underprivileged neighborhoods, people, and community organizations.

When electronic waste is collected for recycling, it typically requires human hands for disassembly. All materials, such as printed circuit boards, cabling, glass, and plastics, are recovered and processed as raw materials to create new goods.

Where To Dispose of Old Computers And Laptops?

Never dispose of your outdated PCs and laptops in regular garbage streams, no matter how convenient it may be at your home or business. Your private information may be dangerously exposed and there is no way to know where it may end up.

When working with eScrap Canada, you won’t have to worry about where to dispose of your old laptops and computers. We collect all electronic devices you no longer need and store them in one of our secure bins for transport to our facility, rather than leaving you to haul heavy electronic equipment in the search for responsible and safe disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to dispose of your computer?

Recycling your computer might be an excellent option as it prevents all the pollutants from going to the landfill.

What can I do with my old computer and laptop?

If your old laptop or computer is too slow to be useful or no longer working, it shouldn’t go in the trash. Instead, they should be recycled as the computer can be hazardous as they degrade.

Where To Dispose of Old Computers And Laptops?

With Escrapcanadainc Solutions, you don’t need to worry about where to dispose of your old laptops and computers. We collect all electronic devices you no longer need and store them in one of our secure bins for transport to our facility.

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