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New thinking. New materials. New standards. New everything. But what happens once a technology becomes obsolete?

Most businesses and homes have piles of unwanted electronic items. When put together, they create clutter and mess, hence the need for proper disposal and electronic recycling in USA & Canada

According to studies, USA & Canada discard millions of electronic goods every year. If you don’t believe that, drive around the street and you will see a number of electrical goods left on footpaths. IT asset recycling and IT asset recovery services are much necessary and  eScrap Canada has been providing such services for Australian households as well as businesses.

Proper disposal and electronic recycling

simplify the complex. We reduce, reuse, recycle and also motivate people to resell IT devices that have been decommissioned. When you’re ready to uncover the value you never knew existed, then you’re ready to work with us. Our in-house commodity experts can help you determine the market value of your assets.

Today, the mountains of unwanted electronic goods are becoming a challenge thus increasing the demand for electronic asset recovery in USA & Canada. Not only do they give homeowners and business owners headaches, they also harm the environment. For some obvious reasons, it is important that all e-waste is properly collected and recycled to prevent toxic and hazardous substances from contaminating the soil and water. So, it is very important to use effective asset recovery services to maximize the life cycle of the equipment and get a fair value by selling the material if it’s not useful to you anymore.At  eScrap Canada, we’re finding the value hidden deep within your innovations of yesterday. IT remarketing aka IT asset remarketing allows you to sell the equipment that will not be useful anymore at a competitive price that is both environmentally and ecologically beneficial. We turn efficiency into an opportunity, while securely protecting your data.We 

How IT Asset Remarketing Works?

When organizations require IT asset disposal (ITAD),the value of old assets could cover or offset the costs of a responsible disposal process, including services of data erasure and responsible recycling. If the assets have a considerable resale value, they could possibly return credit to your organization. Some of the ways  eScrap Canada provides IT Asset Recovery and IT asset remarketing services are described below.

Refurbish and Reuse for Yourself

The first avenue of recovering value from old IT assets is to try to reuse them for another project. This is most cost-effective as you won’t need to purchase more and better for the environment as you should always consider reducing e-waste as much as possible. Investing in some spare parts, like memory & CPUs – you could increase performance in a fairly cost-effective way. Your IT manager will need to determine if this is a suitable solution for your requirements. In the case that IT assets cannot be reused, consider a responsible disposal vendor to support the end-of-life requirements, such as data erasure then remarketing, or e-waste recycling

Refurbish and Resell the Unused IT Devices

In some cases, devices undergo a refurbishing process in order to prepare for asset resale. This could involve replacing parts in machines, rendering them back to working condition. Or, stripping machines down into spare parts. Good expertise in the secondary market is key to extracting fair value from equipment. 

In this case, use  eScrap Canada IT Assets Recovery services where we market used IT equipment to our network and ensure that you get fair value. We also have years of experience as IT equipment resellers.

Recycle if the Device Cannot Be Used or Sold

If you have exhausted all the possibilities of reuse and refurbishment, then responsible recycling is recommended for e-waste. Not all e-waste vendors are equal, responsible disposal has a cost attached – ensure that you get a certificate of responsible e-waste disposal when looking for this service. 

Equipment We Know Well:

Here at  eScrap Canada we have years of experience in providing IT asset recovery services such as handling, recycling, reusing, reselling, and remarketing e-waste. Here are some of the equipment we have since handled:

Servers, storage, networking, PCs, laptops, and any handheld devices. We work with IT assets made by any equipment manufacturer (OEM) i.e. Dell, HP, Cisco, Netapp, Lenovo, etc.

If it has a resale value we will sell it!

If you have an IT equipment or a list of equipment and would like a quote for upfront purchase, please contact us at [email protected]and have ready the following list of hardware containing; hardware description, part & model number, quantity, specifications (CPU, RAM, HDDs, etc), location and date available for collection.-7

spare parts for network devices and various spare parts

Spare Parts

Because we’re purchasing back loads of equipment, we are able to supply a wide variety of spare parts for new or legacy equipment. These spare parts are stored in our Chatswood warehouse for fast shipping. We stock spares for most major brands. At eScrap Canada, laptop spare parts, spare parts for network devices, and various spare parts are available for purchase at a fair value.

As we decommission used assets, we are often left with a catalogue of electronic spare parts that can be reused. Give us a call or approach us via E-mail to use top-notch IT Assets recovery services for better environmental and economic outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What kind of customers can use IT Asset Recovery Services?

We provide IT asset remarketing services for small business, OEMs, Resellers, private companies and Data Centers.

Where will my devices be sold?

Depending upon the device, the devices or spare parts derived from decommissioned equipment will be sold to brokers or end-users. We compare the market price to ensure we get fair value.

What return could I expect from my old equipment?

The resale value of unused equipment is dependent entirely on the age of tech, specifications, and condition. Usually, prices are determined by supply & demand. A rough indication, after 3 years of use you can expect 10% – 30% of the original purchase price.

How Can I Buy Spare Parts from eScrap Canada Inc Solutions?

We have a list of spare parts that have been recovered from decommissioned enterprise equipment. You can simply call us to enquire about availability.

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