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E-Recycling of non-renewable resources, such as Nickel, Copper, Zinc, and Tin


Statistics suggest that North Americans are among the highest users of latest technologies in the world, purchasing millions of computers every year. For this reason, e-waste has become a growing problem in the country. The amount of e-waste in Canada is increasing every year. That is why e-waste recycling in Canada and across North America needs to be a topic of concern.

In Canada, among the most common electronic devices are computers. While some Canadians have the desktop models, others own the portable ones. So, computer recycling, laptop recycling, and electronics recycling are all pressing matters that we all should be thinking about. Though these devices play a vital role in day-to-day activities, what many do not know is that they are made of materials that pose a threat to human health and the environment.


On the bright side, computer recycling or e-waste recycling makes a great source of non-renewable resources, such as Nickel, Copper, Zinc, and Tin. But, there should be a proper channel for computer disposal and effective management of all kinds of electronic recycling to gain the advantage of e-waste recycling.

When old computers are recycled, most of the recycled E-waste are refurbished with new replacement parts and software. From there, they are repackaged and made available to communities that generate low income. Others are re-sold to manufacturers.

Just like computers, electronic waste, in general, undergoes manual dismantling processes. The materials obtained from computer equipment in the e-waste management process, such as cables, plastics, circuit boards, glass, and other electronic items are then used as raw materials to produce new products.

How We Can Help Your Electronic Recycling Needs?

E-waste recycling at eScrap Canada Inc

Process of E-waste recycling at eScrap Canada Inc

E-Waste Collection

We at eScrap Canada believe that every process involved in recycling must be eco-friendly and e-waste collection is an important step of the E-waste recycling process. Using our E-waste collection services, you can have your electronic waste collected at any location that is easy for you. We also have E-waste drop-off facilities if you wish to drop off e-waste by yourself at our recycling center in Mississauga, Ontario . We remove e-waste from your offices and handle the secure packaging & logistics for the entire Electronic recycling process. Give us a call if you are looking to recycle electronics in Ontario.

Computer Recycling

Organizations cannot function without computers and periodical upgrades are a reality for consideration. Computer recycling entails recycling electric circuits, peripheral devices, and electrical components of the device. eScrap Canada provides tailored solutions for each individual organization and has been providing services of E-waste recycling in Canada since 2019.

Laptop Recycling

Pretty similar to computer recycling, laptop recycling at eScrap Canada will safely dispose of your old laptops responsibly. We handle all laptops regardless of brand. 

Data Centers Equipment Recycling

After carrying out data center decommissioning, a lot of Servers, Storage, and Networking devices are obtained. eScrap Canada provides E-waste solutions and complete services to transport e-waste to our E-waste recycling at our Mississauga, Ontario facility and process it responsibly.

Recycling All Other Kinds of E-Wastes

eScrap Canada offers Recycling for redundant and old IT assets, network devices, printers, hard disk drives, monitors, printers, copiers, etc. Some devices like printers, have toxic chemicals and require special disposal. Furthermore, all battery types including UPS devices require a special disposal process to ensure safe disposal. 

Not all E-Waste Recycling and Management Actions are Equal

When it comes to electronic waste or e-waste recycling in Canada, there is one name you can trust: eScrap Canada Inc. We do e-waste & computer recycling in the GTA and other nearby suburbs.

So, why should you work with us?

Working with eScrap Canada, our promise is:

978 Tonnes of Electronic Waste Recycling Since 2019

978 Tonnes of Electronic Waste Recycling Since 2019

We’re leading the IT industry with best environmental practices when managing End of Life hardware or electronic waste or e-waste recycling in Canada. Primarily providing e-waste recycling services around Canada, we have also expanded our coverage to serve the larger North America region.


What E-waste Do You Accept?

We accept the following: Obsolete IT assets, End-of-life equipment Networking equipment Data center equipment Mobile phones, tablets Internet of Things (IoT) devices Telecommunication equipment LCD monitors Printers, copiers & many more.

Why Should I Recycle E-waste?

Mercury, lead, nickel, and zinc are some of the commonly found elements in computers and other e-waste which release toxins into the soil at landfill sites and pollute the environment, ultimately leading to health hazards.

Is There Any E-waste You Don't Accept?

We do not accept equipment that contain liquids, gasses, or radioactive material or items that may be too large for us to accommodate at our facilities. We handle most types of batteries, and can accept “loose” batteries if they have been packaged properly for transport.

Is the E-waste Recycling Process You Offer Environmentally Compliant ?

All recycling centers have been audited by a third-party and have received ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 9001 certification. Our e-recycling centers are R2:2013 certified. Global e-waste facilities are certified to additional standards, depending on the regulatory framework in each country. In addition to these certifications, all our e-recycling centers must follow established corporate environmental and safety standards that further protect our clients and employees from the hazards associated with IT equipment disposal and recycling used electronics

Why Should I Use eScrap Canada Inc Solutions for E-waste Disposal?

When working with eScrap Canada Inc Solutions, we ensure the following:

  1. All IT assets and e-waste are processed in an environmentally responsible manner
  2. Your reputation is protected
  3. Your compliance risks are eliminated
  4. When recycling equipment bearing data, we destroy this data securely. See our page relating to data destruction.
  5. You receive a certificate of destruction for all e-waste disposed.

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