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Many businesses do not realise the impact of electronic waste on the environment. Electronics are just thrown away as if they’re plain trash, unknowingly containing toxic materials, such as arsenic, lead, mercury, and antimony. When these materials end up in land and water bodies, they can cause serious health problems for those in contact.

At eScrap Canada Solutions, we’re encouraging everyone to support and practice e-waste recycling. To help you understand what e-waste recycling is all about, check out our answers to some frequently asked questions below:

What services do you offer at eScrap Canada Solutions?

We offer removal and disposal of your unwanted IT hardware, any equipment with a Hard Drive or carrying sensitive information is securely wiped and destroyed. If your unwanted IT hardware still has value, it will be resold with the revenue used to fund the disposal services or credit return.

What items undergo e-waste recycling?

All electrical items that contain precious metals, wiring and batteries. After processing these items, we can return a large amount to raw materials for reuse.

Why should I recycle electronics instead of throwing them away?

Recycling old electronics is a process of removing the assembled structure to the point of separating each metal, plastic or battery to the original raw material. This is important as we know commodities are a finite resource – e.g. if we consider just Gold, a metal we wouldn’t throw away as jewelry but it’s estimated we threw away $30bn in 2016 from ewaste. We are promoting a Circular Economy, which repurposes & reuses materials once the initial use is complete. We believe the current Linear Economy of ‘create – use – throw away’ is not sustainable.

What ISO standards do you follow for e-waste recycling?

We follow ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards.

Do you have an e-waste drop off area?

Yes we do, please contact us for more information – locations vary by state.

Will you collect e-waste from my office?

Yes, we can collect equipment from your office, warehouse or data centre.

Where do you send hazardous materials that you collect?

Hazardous materials are still collected by us and managed safely at our facility.

What is data center decommissioning?

Some companies have their IT environment of servers, storage and networking equipment in a data center (off site), whilst others have this at their premises. Either way, if your team don’t have resources to decommission (unplug & remove) equipment then we can offer data center decommissioning services.

What software do you use in the data wiping process?

We use Blancco data erasure, you will receive a certificate of destruction for the erased HDDs.

What areas do you service?

We cover all of USA and Canada, we can also extend our services to Asia for clients who have multiple sites across Asia Pacific.

Where is your recycling facility located?

Our major facilities are located in each major city within USA and Canada.

What organisations or businesses do you cater to?

We cater to businesses of all sizes, our facility is large enough to house over 20,000 items per week. Furthermore, we support IT Resellers that wish to support their customers during a sale of new hardware.

Can I ask for a free quote?

Yes, please get in touch for more information.

Should you be interested in our e-waste recycling services, please contact us at (416)737-686 or email us at [email protected]

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