Environment Responsibility

Our customers want to know that their IT equipment will be disposed of in an environmentally safe & responsible manner. We welcome all of our clients and prospective clients to inspect and audit our system of waste disposal and compliant Recycling.

With the consent of our customers, and when feasible, Escrap Canada attempts to save each item possible for resale and/or reuse. Through reuse, we spend a fraction of the energy and raw materials that it would cost to create a new product.

At Escrap Canada, regulatory compliance is paramount. We have a thorough understanding of government regulations to ensure that all our clients’ assets are handled with 100% legal compliance.

In order to divert waste from landfills, Escrap Canada sets periodic goals in reducing its office or non-electronics waste trash that it receives, and measure itself in achieving these goals.


E Scrap Canada Inc. Environmental Health & Safety Management System (EH&SMS) covers all of our facility operations and the supporting operations conducted by E Scrap Canada Inc. The goal of this EH&SMS is to enable E Scrap Canada Inc. to analyze, control, and reduce the environmental, health and safety impacts of its activities.

The activities of the employees, contractors, and subcontractors of E Scrap Canada Inc. are subject to the policies and procedures outlined in our EH&SMS. The E Scrap Canada Inc. EH&S is designed to conform to the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 specifications. The E Scrap Canada Inc. Management team and owners are fully supportive of the EH&S and have published it online for general viewing purposes.

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